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Fang seemed distant as she explained her backstory to us. Of how she was with her friend, and how they were separated, and how they were still separated. She was sitting on a bench while we rested, talking to us and not caring if we were listening. I was listening. Lightning looked at her when she said that it was her fault that Serah and, through her, we were l'cie, she strode to her, and raised her arm to strike her. I gripped her wrist, glaring at her icily. "Now is not the time for this, Farron, she said she was sorry, so get the hell over it!" 

The lieutenant visibly flinched, not expecting such a sharp reprimand, and jumped away. I turned to look at Fang, who was blinking at me. "What was that for?" I smirked, then replied, "We're all l'cie, aren't we. There isn't room for grudges in this life. We need to stick together and get along." 

Fang blinked, then broke out into a smile. "Well, thanks, Sweetheart!"

I sniffed disapprovingly at the nickname, but left it for now. Fang stood, a soundless signal to keep moving, and I fell into step beside her. 

"So yer with sunshine back there?"
Fang jerked her head in the direction of the lieutenant, who was trudging along behind us, looking at the ground sullenly. I would have to apologize later. "Yes. I'm her commanding officer, General Martins."

"Martins ain't a girl's name, Sweetheart. So what is it?"
I looked at her, and growled softly. "I prefer to go by Martins." 
"Alright, keep yer shirt on."
I wanted to retort, 'oh, wouldn't you LOVE it if i took it off!" but I didn't say it. I instead dropped back, walking beside Lightning. At least the rosette preferred not to talk. She didn't look at me. "Lightning, don't sulk."

She glared at me through her pink bangs. "I am NOT sulking!"
I winced at how loudly she said it, and I opened my mouth to hush her. I was too late. She had drawn the attention of a PSICOM squad, who surprised us with a barrage of bullets. I yelped as a metal slug a bedded itself in my good leg, and another pinged off of my metal one. The bullet left a dent, which immediately hampered my movement. "DAMN IT FARRON!!" I yelled, producing a handful of throwing knives from inside of my uniform. I threw them at the squad, felling one and injuring a second. I gunned down a third, and left the last one for Fang. I knelt, examining the dent in my metal leg. It wasn't bad, definitely not enough to damage the inner mechanisms and wires, but enough to reduce my speed, and make it impossible to run. I slid my fingers under the damaged outer layer of metal, and popped it easily off. Fang was kneeling beside me, her eyes fixed on my hands as I worked, watching as I mended the damaged piece as best I could with great interest. "That's a nice toy ya got there, Sweetheart. Can ya take the sucker off and shit?" I smiled. Nice to get some praise for once. "Yes, it as designed to be easily removed and repaired. Reaper has the proper tools with him, so I can fix it properly when we next meet." I popped the piece back into place, having made the dent smaller and less of a nuisance. I stood, and continued on my way through the Palumpolum back alleys, Fang close behind, Lightning trailing. 
Yes, I know this chapter is short, but I had good reason. I got to the end and realized I had pooped out of ideas. Now, while I think and scan literature for ideas, you, my minions, can wait. MUAHAHAHAHA!
firefoxpokemon Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
Oh. Cant wait for the next one. Also when will I be making an appearance?
flowergirl757 Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Student Photographer
In the ark, which is after the estheim residence, the lindblum, the palemecia, and at the beginning of the fifteenth ark.
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